Skelmersdale Independent Party Creating A

Skelmersdale Town Council

Youth Provision

Empowering and strengthening local democracy

A Skelmersdale Town Council will be the first tier of local Government.
At the very heart of the community, giving Skelmersdale residents a voice and helping people feel more involved in the decisions that affect them.


Engaging young people is a key consideration for local councils and they are at the forefront in ensuring that the needs of young people are more fully represented.

A Skelmersdale Town Council would have a responsibility to ensure that young people are entertained, kept active, made to feel that their needs are catered for and made to feel that they are listened to. The purpose of this page is to highlight possible activities that will be aimed at the young people of Skelmersdale.  The examples on this page show just some of the innovative approaches that local councils have taken in order to better represent young people in their communities,  but they only scratch the surface. Local councils across the country provide or support a wide range of activities including playgrounds, youth councils, youth clubs, youth cafes, transport schemes, skate parks, sports facilities, advice and information centres, arts and crafts, youth outreach and voluntary activities.

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