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The foot paths leading to Eskbank Play Ground, before and after shots after a period of 24 hours 29th & 30th August.
Before photos demonstrate yet another example of 45+ years of the Skelmersdale Labour Party who now control WLBC with 25million in usable reserves.
The after photo's show a period of 24 hours with the Skelmersdale Independent Party controlling a broom and a shovel.
This neglect wasn't reported to us, we just stumbled across it on a walkabout, but we started to clear it up almost immediately.  
Location Before Reported After
Footpath leading from the East Gillibrands bus stop on Whitledge Road. This was reported to us on 30th June 2019 at 16:27

by 22:00 we had made a difference


Location Before Reported After
On the 1st October 2018, Cllr Claire Cooper claimed on her Facebook page to have reported this rubbish in Elmers Clough.

Or maybe it was just pre by-election rubbish.

Believe it or not, Cllr Claire Cooper was ignored and she clearly hadn't checked on progress, because after almost 7 months there was no improvement and things had gotten a lot worse

On the 8th May we emailed WLBC asking for action, and we were ignored. 

A FOI for the cleansing record was also ignored. 

On 29th May we emailed again threatening legal action under with the Environmental Protection Act.

21st June 2019 work started.


Thanks to the Ranger Service and their volunteers.

Location Before Reported After
Daniels Lane Sub Station, just off Ormskirk Road, Digmoor, Skelmersdale

On the 27th May we received information from 2 of our volunteers that, at the end of April 2019, North West Electricity Ltd engineers were working on the Daniels Lane Sub Station.  Within the sub-station perimeter there was a large amount of litter that they threw out into the surrounding overgrowth.

We contacted NWEL by email on the 27th May.

On the 29th May they replied, apologising and confirming that their groundworks team would attend to carry out any works required as soon as possible.

On the 4th June, we received an email confirming the rubbish had been collected.


Location Before Reported After
After 5 years of Beechwood Court residents trying to get this light working, we got involved on 5th March 2019 Week commencing 8th April work begins

And 10th May Success

Location Before Reported After
Tanhouse subway between Elmridge and the Hillside Doctors

Following our success with the Egerton Subway we received reports that the Elmstead subway was also flooded.

We got involved on Monday 11th March 2018 Sorted 19th March

This time we attended as the work was being carried out to find out that these drain pipes are blocked with roots

If you look closely you can see the top of the pipe by the metal step

Location Before Reported After

Tanhouse subway between Egerton and the Holland Park Estate, (the Old St. Richards School site)

Within days of the leaf blowing brigade tidying the subway on the 9th January it had started to flood and Cllr Ron Cooper announced it had been "reported and sorted".  The subway continued to flood and on the 23rd February Cllr Ron Cooper announced again it was reported. The above photo was taken on Sunday 3rd March, enough was enough.

On Sunday 3rd march we wrote an email to the Skelmersdale Champion Newspaper, attaching the photo.

They contacted LCC for a comment and on Tuesday 5th March 2019 around 11 o'clock LCC had emptied it.

The article was published in the 06/03/2019 edition on page 3

9th January

23rd Feb

Hopefully next year rather than just blow the leaves about, WLBC will make sure the leaf blowing brigade will pick them up.

Location Before Reported After

Front of 34 Elmstead Tanhouse

After reports that this dangerous eye sore had been like this for a couple of years

 we got involved on the 2nd December 2018 and although we had to chase it up in January 2019

when we next checked 28th February 2019

Location Before Reported After
Gillibrands Road by the bridge

After reports that pedestrians had to walk onto the road because they couldn't use the path,

we got involved on 7th November 2018

12 November 2018

Location Before Reported After

By the burger van on Pimbo Road, Pimbo Industrial Est.

After reports that this tree had been leaning like this for over three years, someone even said six

 we got involved on 25th October 2018...

8 days later