Skelmersdale Independent Party Creating A

Skelmersdale Town Council

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(non gender specific)

Empowering and strengthening local democracy

A Skelmersdale Town Council will be the first tier of local Government.
At the very heart of the community, giving Skelmersdale residents a voice and helping people feel more involved in the decisions that affect them.
Since we floated this idea on our Facebook page, WLBC have created a similar scheme "Clean and Green" due to begin April 1st 2019

The lengthsman’s role is basically looking after an area by keeping weeds and grass under control, trimming hedges, picking up litter and leaves, repairing fences etc etc etc.
I would hope in first year after its formation a Skelmersdale Town Council will employ 14 lengthsmen (representing 2 from each Ward),
Their roles in the first year would be focused on high impact and visual improvements throughout all of the 7 wards of Skelmersdale. 

As you can see from a few pictures they're needed.

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