S K E M ‘S   L A S T   M A N   S T A N D I N G

Here’s the rules:

1.                  Pay your £5 entry fee, or multiples of £5

a.       For purposes of transparency entries must be received by midnight 5th August 2020.

2.                  Each week, simply pick ONE Premiership Football team to win – if your team wins, you go through to the next round, lose or draw and you fall out.

3.                  Notify the competition administrators by 3pm the day before the fixture cycle begins.

a.       E.g. the first fixture round is Saturday 8th August, Admin must be notified of your selection by 3pm, Friday 7th August.

4.                  If you fail to notify the competition administrators of your selection you will be assigned the first team alphabetically available to you.

5.                  You can only pick a team once during the competition cycle.

6.                  If the match that involves your selection is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round and you cannot pick that team again in the competition cycle.

a.       If the postponed match is played whilst the competition is running the result will apply.

7.                  Player with the longest streak of predicting winning teams wins the pot.

8.                  If there is no outright winner, a new competition will begin. 

a.        £5 entry fee; or multiples of £5’s.

b.      The prize money will roll over

c.       Any new entries wanting to join during a roll over period will be required to pay £5x the amount of times the pot has rolled over.

Some other terms:


·         Entry Fees and prize money should be paid directly via bank accounts, if this is not an option alternative arrangements’ can be made within the Skelmersdale Boundary.

·         There is no Administration Fee.

·         15% of the final pot will go to a CleanUp Skem good cause. E.g if we have 100 players money collected would be £500, winners pot would be £425 and £75 would go to a CleanUp Skem good cause.

·         This competition will start with the first match of the 2020/21 Premiership.  (08/08/2020 subject to any Covid-19 restrictions)

·         The prize pot on the competition is rounded down to the nearest £5.

·         Winnings may be claimed for a period of 6 months after which they will be added to the good cause’s fund.

·         For purposes of transparency, team selections will be published on the Facebook page and at https://www.skemtc.org.uk/LMS.htm

·         Email addresses are required, for those that use Facebook and WhatsApp there will be regular updates.

·         Administrator contact is LMS@SkemTC.org.uk